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Bicultural Education and a Whole Language Journey Experience

Bicultural Education and a Whole Language Journey Experience.

La Casa del Colibrí Ian Siloé MR provides an atmosphere of trust and respect within our community of learners.

Both approaches accept children’s existing levels of learning, validating their strengths, experiences, language and culture. Language is a tool to construct actively and socially knowledge and meaning. All students must engage an interactive communication in order to process information and generate new knowledge.


We encourage our children to use literacy and context to interpret meaning based on their own experiences and for social and self-transformation. High levels of literacy and knowledge are necessary for success and self-fulfillment. Reading and Writing occur of the child’s intrinsic need to communicate. To create meaning and constructive knowledge, children need to learn in a language that they understand. Specially bilingual children need the opportunity to use their language to build content-area knowledge.

Education occurs through the exposure of children to language and literature throughout the school day, whether they are taught in one language or two.  We provide children low-risk environments where they are encouraged to search for their own solutions. Language development is a natural social process that depends on the actual social functions of language, not on language itself. Learning builds knowledge and experience on the students naturally. Learning should be centered and focused on meaning, relevance, purpose and respect. Instructional materials are texts that are meaningful and relevant, modeling all the characteristics of real functional language. There is an equal respect for the language, the teacher and the learner.  Learning activities are interactive. Ideally, children are engaged in all skills of language: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, High self-esteem is fundamental to both teaching and learning. Children should be decision makers in their own learning, giving them a greater sense of ownership that turn on their leads to positive self-esteem. Here our students and teachers are jointly involved with teaching and learning. Come and meet us, let us be part of your children experience in a new journey. Every Journey Begins with One Small Step.

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